About Us

David Caple & Associates Pty Ltd was established in 1983 as one of the first independent management consulting groups in Australia specialising in Occupational Health and Safety.

Since 1983 we have provided services to clients in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, America, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the European Union.

David Caple and Associates Pty Ltd view ourselves as partners, with our clients, in the occupational health and safety development and problem solving process. We share a ‘’mutual ownership’’ of the problems and, eventual solutions, with our clients.

Our role is to enable management to develop creative and appropriate solutions to prevent or better manage occupational health and safety problems in a cost efficient manner.

David Caple & Associates Pty Ltd provide quality, client focused, client driven consulting services.

The company is headed by David Caple who, together with a team of Associates, is providing a professional service across a wide range of OHS applications.

It is our policy to only provide services in areas where we have expertise. Our alliances with specialist consultants allow us to provide a full range of high quality and ethical OHS services to our clients.