Current Activities

The major strength of our company’s operation, is in the process that is used in developing the project management outcomes. This process has a number of key ingredients including:

Currently the diversity of work falls into five main areas. These are:

Major Work Activities

In 2011, a review was undertaken of over 650 reported cases of bullying to the Government Regulator in WHS were assessed and the background to each case was reviewed for compliance with the legal definition of bullying as well as the range of actions taken by the Regulator and other Agencies to assist the parties involved.

In 2011, David Caple and Rick Hodgson were the Facilitators of the Safe Work Australia industry consultation process for the National WHS Strategy (2012-2022) including workshops in all Australian states with Governments, Unions, Employers and WHS professionals.

In 2011-2012, David travelled to Singapore for Ministry of Manpower to review their WHS Leadership Framework.  This involved interviewing 18 CEOs and C-Suite Leaders and facilitating workshops for 60 Senior Managers, WHS Professionals, and Supervisors.

In 2013, our company has facilitated a range of health and safety strategies and action plans for major private and government corporations across Australia.  This has involved working with Boards of Directors, CEOs and executives together with the staff in integrating health and safety strategies as part of the overall business direction.